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World Tower Sydney

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Our involvement in this project commenced in August 1999 when our client instructed us to investigate various aspects of a development site being part of the ‘World Square’ property bounded by Liverpool, George, Goulburn and Pitt Streets, Sydney.

The site had been commenced in the 1980’s but the proposed development of the time was never completed leaving a partially built carpark and a few floors of a concrete shell in the south-western corner of the site.

After some lengthy initial investigations our client purchased two stratum lots. These stratum lots were located as scattered ‘islands’ throughout the basement carpark from level 3 to level 10 and an irregularly shaped component on Liverpool Street to accommodate the proposed tower at level 11 (street level) and above.

Construction of the ‘World Tower’ residential and commercial development commenced in late 2000 and was completed in mid 2004.

The development is unique as it was designed to allow for vertically staged occupation and subdivision. The lower parts of the tower were occupied and strata subdivided whilst the upper parts of the building were still being constructed.

Key features of the World Tower development include:

  • ‘World Tower’ is a landmark Sydney CBD development and is one of the tallest residential developments in the southern hemisphere
  • The building was designed with 3 vertical components – the low rise, the mid rise and the high rise
  • The low rise commercial and residential component extends from level 11 (street level) to level 37
  • The mid rise residential component extends from level 38 to level 60
  • The high rise residential component extends from level 61 to level 79
  • ‘World Tower’ contains a total of 717 commercial and residential units

Our involvement in the World Tower development included:

  • Pre-purchase contract investigation and development planning
  • Detail and level surveys throughout the existing carpark and podium level
  • Various detail and level surveys in Liverpool Street
  • Setup of survey control in the existing carpark levels (levels 3–10)
  • Surveying of the existing stratum boundaries
  • Setout of grids in the existing carpark levels (levels 3–10)
  • Setout of new columns in the existing carpark levels (levels 3–10)
  • Setout of the lift core at level 3
  • Various setout for construction purposes from level 3 to level 79 (grids, bench marks, walls, curtain walls, etc [not lift core above level 3 or the concrete structure above the street level])
  • Check surveys of the completed walls adjacent to existing and future stratum boundaries
  • Assisting the client with planning regarding the construction deed between the three separate owners of the World Square site
  • Assisting the client with planning and negotiations in relation to the preparation of the ‘World Square’ Building Management Statement and ‘World Tower’ umbrella components of the ‘World Square’ Strata Management Statement
  • Assisting with the identification of Easements and other issues relating to the s88B instrument to be lodged with the stratum subdivision plan
  • Stratum subdivision of the ‘World Tower’ property into 3 separate stratum lots corresponding to each of the low, mid & high rise components and associated basement parking & services
  • Staged strata plan for the low rise component
  • Staged strata plan for the mid rise component
  • Strata plan for the high rise component